Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Black Spot on the Sun

Stay away from the light – that is what they all say (or is it “go towards the light”).  It doesn’t matter; there is no light to speak of anyway, except from the window.
I can see it all from this height.  I can see myself sitting at my usual table, surrounded by the usual empty tables and chairs.  How nice I look, almost as if…Wait!  What’s this?  That couple over by the window…something is wrong.  They… (I cannot believe it!)  They have no protection!
It’s just the two of them, sitting across from one another, face beholding face, eyes to eyes, breath to breath without any shield, any barrier.  How can they stand it?  Oh, I can’t bear to look. 
Yet I feel drawn to them.  Perhaps I should edge a bit closer… No!  There is no protection.  Stay away from the light.


  1. Love this, interesting perspective, Sharon. I'm really enjoying your picture prompts.

  2. Mysterious and curious. Well done!