Friday, May 27, 2016

Warning Labels for Books

I am a distracted reader.  For me, it is not enough to understand the words on a page; I want to know why they are there.  Sometimes what I read distracts me from reading.
For example, I recently read that the sky "was the color of wet cement" so I put down the book and tried to visualize a wet cement sky.  Not only that, I wondered why the author used that particular phrase to describe the sky.  Was it merely a reference to the weather or the time of day or was it a metaphor for an issue of life?  In what way was a wet cement sky central to the story?

I was leviathan with a hook in my jaw, pulled off course by an unseen angler.
"No," I protested.  "I don't want to think about wet cement; I want to get back to the story."
"Not yet," the other self responded.  "Right now you must think about wet cement."
So I gave up and thought my thoughts and felt my feelings about a wet cement sky.

I really wish authors would not do that - throw in distractions, I mean.  I think that books should come with warning labels, like cigarettes or medications.

WARNING:  This books contains an abundance of metaphors, similes, and descriptions.  If you are afflicted with curiosity, reading this book could result in sleeplessness and irritability as you try to figure them out.

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