Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Martian Spy

I received the communication last night:  “Mission Terminated.  Return Immediately.”
Terminated!  Oh, no – not when… that is… Rats! The truth is I don’t want to leave.  They warned us about this in training – the perils of deep cover.  They warned us but they didn’t know the extent of it.  No one told us the delights of ear scratches and belly rubs, of morning walks and butt sniffing.  Ah, butt sniffing – one of the many olfactory pleasures known only to us dogs.  And what about bacon?  Does headquarters expect me to say goodbye to bacon?

Well, I’m not ready to come in from the cold.  I’ll just tell HQ that their transmission was garbled, that it went astray and I never received it.  The invasion isn’t scheduled until next year anyway.  In the meantime, I’ve got my disguise ready for the upcoming holiday.  I’ll just stay here and enjoy Independence Day.

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