Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Peer View

            “Daddy, hold me,” the little boy said.  “I wanna see over the top.”
            “Are you sure?” asked his father.  “If I hold you up, you'll miss something important.”
            “What's that?”
            “Well...every year when my dad and I came here, I would stand in this exact same spot. I could tell I had grown because I was closer to the top.”
            The little boy thought a few seconds.
            “I think I’ll wait, too,” he said.
            They watched the waves for a while.  Then the boy looked up at this father.
            “Daddy, if you can see over the top, then that means you have stopped growing.  Is that right?”
            “That’s right.  So if I want to keep on growing, I need to change how I see things.”
            The father crouched down by his son and looked over the water.
            “There” he said.  “Now I see another way.”

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  1. The time we have to influence our kids is so fleeting. This story is sweet and you wrote your point so well. Thx for the share.

  2. This reminds us all of the importance of seeing the world through out children's eyes. Nicely done!

  3. What a lovely story and I love the message about seeing the world through the eyes of a child.