Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A Well-Placed Door

            George took his friend, Theodore, to his back yard.  Theodore looked up in surprise at the wall.
            “George,” he said, “I think you’ve misplaced the door.  Shouldn’t it be on the ground floor?  Why is it up there?”
            “Come inside,” George replied, “and I’ll show you.”
            The two men went indoors and up the stairs.  As they walked down the hallway, George explained.
            “In my youth, I wanted to travel the world and gain a cosmopolitan view of life.  But with one thing or another, I never got the chance.  At first I accepted it, but as the years passed I grew resentful and bitter.  Then one night I heard a voice saying, ‘If you want to see the world you must first open the door.’
            “So I removed the door and placed it up here.  And now whenever I open it, behold!”
            George opened the door and Theodore gasped. 


  1. We want to know what Theodore's view looked like! Nicely done!

    1. PS... try posting the link to this story in the comments on Writerly Wednesday.

  2. Very intriguing! Now, I want to know what Theodore saw. Well done!