Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Blackbird Sing?

Mouse was delighted.  A peanut lay on the ground and he meant to get it.  Suddenly a crow swooped down, snatched the peanut, and flew to a nearby tree.  Mouse was furious! That was his!  Then Mouse had an idea.  He scampered over to the tree and called up to the crow.
            “Oh, Mr. Blackbird,” he said, “I am so glad I’ve found you.  I have been searching the world for you to hear your wondrous voice.  If you will sing for me, I will give you all my treasure of grain.”
            Up in the tree, the crow’s feathers puffed up when he heard Mouse’s words.  This silly mouse thinks I’m a blackbird, he thought.  And a treasure of grain is better than a peanut.  He nodded to the mouse, opened his beak to sing and dropped the peanut into Mouse’s paws.
            “Thanks,” said Mouse. “Best song I ever heard!”

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