Saturday, July 23, 2016

Citizen's Arrest?

 (Or how I unintentionally made a police officer nervous.)

Yesterday, after I finished my shopping at Walgreen’s, I pulled out of the parking lot and onto the street.  There was a light at the intersection so I came to a stop behind a police car.  The light turned green, the police car moved forward, and so did I.
I followed the police car for a few blocks to another intersection where we both turned right.  I idly wondered if the policeman inside the car noticed I was following him.

Two blocks later, we came to the intersection where I planned to turn left – my usual route home.  The police car turned left and so did I.  After a few seconds, the policeman turned right into a residential area – my residential area.  I had no choice but to continue to follow him. 

Another turn left and an immediate turn right and I was still behind the police car at what I hoped was a non-threatening distance.  Apparently it was not.  The policeman pulled over to let me go around him, which I did.  As I watched in my rearview mirror, the car pulled away from the curb and resumed its route.

I felt badly that my innocent actions would cause apprehension to anyone, let alone a police officer.  I briefly considered rolling down my window as I drove passed to explain that I was just on my way home.  But in these unsettled times, that probably would not have been a good thing.  On the bright side, the incident gave the cop an interesting story to tell back at the precinct.

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