Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Family Photos

Amalia looked around the room.  It was empty, save for a table in the center.

Strange, she thought, I don’t recall this place.

She noticed pieces of parchment on the table; she looked at them curiously for a few seconds and then drew back in surprise.  These were faces!  Faces of people!  What strange magic was this?

Cautiously, Amalia picked up one of the parchments and turned it over, expecting to see the back of a head.  But the other side was blank. 

What is this place?  Why am I here? 

As Amalia continued to study the faces, she felt a growing sense of familiarity.

I know these people – but how?

One of them resembled her father and another one her cousin.  Amalia examined a third face more closely.

Why this one looks just like me!

Her eyes widened with sudden insight.  She knew.  These faces…these people were her descendants!

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