Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Game of Love

THWACK!  The dart stuck fast in the tree.

“Well done, Ollie!  I think you’ve got it!”  A chubby youth clapped his hands.

“I don’t know, Stanley,” said his companion.  “I feel ridiculous throwing these things.  It’s just not the same.  I miss my bow and arrow.”

“Listen, after the disaster at last week’s convention, we’re fortunate they didn’t take away our wings.”

“But was that our fault?  How were we to know he needed a double dose?”

“Well, it’s our job to know how much love should be administered.  As the committee pointed out, there were enough warning signs – the nickname, the crack about his wife, and whispers about his father.  It would affect any man.”

Stanley plumped his arm around Ollie’s shoulders.

“Cheer up, old top, November is months away.  I’m sure we’ll get our arrows back before then.  In the mean time…”

THWACK!  Another dart hit the tree.

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