Friday, July 15, 2016

The Social Compact: Community Participation

A common element of a social compact is community participation.  Community participants are fully engaged members of their community and work for its benefit.  They know what is expected of them and their importance to the community.  They understand the impact their attitudes and actions have on the other members, either for their benefit or their detriment.

In a highly functioning community, there are no privileges based on difference.  Difference is not used to elevate or debase, to include or exclude, or to reward or punish.  Instead difference is valued for its unique contribution to a society.  In a highly functioning community, diversity is honored.

Community participation is a classroom encourages all students to advance the learning process of every student in the class.  If each student participates in a community learning process, then all students have the help and support of their peers.  Classroom management and discipline are no longer a major concern as students are taught to value each member of the classroom community.

Mary Wollstonecraft wrote:  “Complicated rules are a weak substitute for simple principles.”  Community participation is a simple principle defining the way a person interacts within his or her community.

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  1. In a healthy society, such participation is extolled and expected. In an unhealthy one, deviation from your simple principal is not only normal, but is also viewed as the ideal. The rugged individualist is held up as preferable to the conformist "sheeple" in unhealthy societies.