Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Dog Diary

I love dog diaries – those witty, amusing sayings that imagine life from a dog’s viewpoint.  I appreciate the people who write them, offering the world a bit of innocent fun.

 Take these two Weimaraner dogs.  The expressions on their muzzles are simply begging for an entry in a dog diary.  And what would be the topic?  Hope.

To me, the dogs in the photo look hopeful.  Expectant.  It’s like they’re waiting for something interesting to happen – like they are waiting for Life to happen.

If I were to write an entry in a dog diary, I would write about the things a dog hopes for – a pat on the head, a belly rub, a bowl full of food, a warm bed, and a human to love…oh, and that the neighbor’s cat would stay away from my flowerbed.

Hey, those are things I hope for!  No wonder I love dog diaries!

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