Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Haiku Flower

Once there was a garden of worldwide renown.  Flowers of every color and variety flourished within its walls. No matter what seed was planted, it was sure to thrive – except for one poor plant that year after year failed to bloom. 

One day a poet came to the garden, seeking inspiration for a poem. She walked along the garden’s many paths until she came to an isolated corner where the flowerless plant clung to life.  The poet paused and gently touched it.

On a leafless branch,” she said.  “Little one, you will be the first line of my poem.”

The poet won international fame for her poem so she returned to the garden to see the plant that was her inspiration.  She walked along a garden path to the isolated corner. To her pleased surprise, the plant was covered with fragrant blossoms.


  1. I so love this story. It's inspirational on so many levels to me. Thx for this one.

  2. You encapsulated such deep meaning in so few words. Nicely done!