Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Spy Drone Magic

“Well?” Earline tapped her foot.  “Did the drone catch that idiot makin’ those stupid circles?”
Earline’s husband, Carl, stared at the video a few more seconds and then silently handed it his wife.  Earline squinted in the viewer and then stepped back.
“I don’t believe it,” she whispered.  “It must be a sign.”
“I’ll call the T.V. station right away,” said Carl.  “We’ve got to let people know.”

A stalk of corn cautiously raised its head.
“Fellas, I think we pulled it off.  Earline and Carl must be contacting every newspaper and television reporter in the county by now.  Once word gets out, we’ll be famous…and safe from the Grim Reaper.”

At the mention of the Reaper, the corn stalks all shivered.   They had heard of the Grim Reaper who mowed down stalks of corn in their prime.  But thanks to the magic of crop circles, they would survive.


  1. This story made me smile. I could feel Carl's excitement.

  2. Once again your imaginatin has soared. Cute one.