Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Soap Bubble

 “Given that the circumference of the balloon increases at a rate of 15 feet per minute, at what rate is the volume changing when the circumference is 120 feet?”

Who cares?  I thought.  Why is this so dang important?

As I listened to Mrs. Miller drone on, my mind began to drift.  The next thing I knew I was looking at a soap bubble.  But what a bubble!

Its surface shimmered with a rainbow of blue, green, and purple.  Miniature houses and trees reflected and rotated through its origin.  Suddenly a tiny head peeked through the window.  People were living there!

Oh, no!  What if the bubble bursts?  What would happen to those little guys with their trees and houses?

I quickly made my calculations and raised my hand.

“Mrs. Miller,” I said, “the volume increases at a rate of 10,942 cubic feet per minute.”

Please don’t burst my bubble!


  1. Very imaginative! I had to look at the bubble twice while reading; once to see the trees and houses and again to see if there were little people. =)