Wednesday, September 21, 2016

There Are No Secrets

“This is where you will be working,” said the supervisor.
I looked around the room.  It was all glass and lights.  A storage shelf.  A surveillance camera.  A large sign above the door “There Are No Secrets.”

“We think of ourselves as a giant cell factory where everyone knows what everyone else is doing.  See this?” he said, pointing to a clock icon displayed on the monitor. “This reminds you to take a break every hour and record your thoughts on a company log so that everyone can see what everyone else is thinking.  There are no secrets.”

“Why the need for so much transparency?” I asked.

“Well…we don’t want our workers to share our secrets with our competitors.”

“What secrets?”

“Why, the secret to our success!  We’ve had over two million hits to our website since our start-up three months ago.”

“So what’s the secret?”

“There are no secrets.”

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  1. Interesting view of the prompt. Well done!

  2. Interesting view of the prompt. Well done!

  3. Your thoughts and mine were on a similar theme. Different story though. Yours was cute. I love your play on words.