Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Visiting a Church with High Hopes and a Baedecker

Miss Susan Peale clutched her Baedecker as visions of Lucy danced in her head.  The archway of the church yawned before her.  Its prospect was lovely, all that any young unmarried woman of a certain age could desire. Susan adjusted her shawl, checked her purse, and waited, ready for her George.

Several minutes passed.  Susan glanced behind her and then peeked around the corner.  She rearranged her shawl and accidentally dropped her Baedecker.  When she bent to retrieve it, her shawl slipped off one shoulder.  Susan snatched at the recalcitrant fabric, missed a step, and tripped over a planter.  She lost her balance and yelped, preparing for impact.

But before she hit the ground, a strong hand grabbed her arm and another caught her around her waist.  Susan gasped in surprise as she was set upright.  She turned to face her rescuer.  It was just like Lucy!  Oh, Baedecker!

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