Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Raid on the Ahwahnee

The bear balanced the goblet on the branch and sat back to admire her handiwork.  It was done!  The crystal stemware was her final acquisition.  How lovely it looked, like a beam of sunlight captured by the tree.

The bear surveyed her collection, reveling in its quantity and quality.  True, she did not know what many of the items were or what the humans did with them, but it did not matter.  It was enough that the humans once desired them and now they were hers.

The bear grunted in satisfaction as she recalled last night’s adventure.  Breaking into the Ahwahnee Hotel had been a challenge; the new owners had added extra security in an effort to thwart souvenir hunters.   However, she had proved that she was more than capable of meeting that challenge.  And now, she would have her reward – a nice cup of tea.  She was almost human.

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  1. Adorable take on the prompt! (And, the Ahwahnee is a beautiful place.)