Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Smile for the Camera

Scarecrow was “It”.  He ran down row after row of corn stalks, looking his playmates.  He climbed onto a railing to get a better look when suddenly a crow called “Car!”

Scarecrow tried to freeze, but he lost his balance, slipped and landed on a pole.  ARRGH!  He was stuck.

A family of tourists walked to the edge of the cornfield.

“Oh, let’s get a picture.  Jenny, go stand next to the scarecrow.”

While the mother fussed with the camera, Scarecrow was in agony, stuck on a pole with a silly grin on his face.  If only the family would leave!

Suddenly, the corn stalks began to rustle and shake violently.

“Tornado!” the father shouted.  “Everyone back to the car.”

After the tourists drove away, a flock of crows carefully eased Scarecrow off the pole.

“Thanks, fellas.  That was awful.  If I only had a brain, that would’ve never happened.”

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