Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Death was on a mission to steal an abandoned soul.  Death found her in the usual place, oblivious to everything, including Death, who was standing behind her.

Death stretched out a cold hand and was about to touch the woman.

“Stop!” said a voice. “You cannot take this soul.”  It was Life.

“Why not?” Death protested.  “She has no Life.  She has no friends, no interests beyond these walls.  Day after day, year after year, she sits here.”

“And I say that she does,” declared Life, “and I will prove it to you.”

Life then bathed the room in light and wafted the aroma of flowers through the windows.  Life amplified the sounds of birds singing and children laughing.
The woman looked up in surprise.

Weeks later the room was still empty, save for a cup of tea and a silent computer.  The water in the pitcher was evaporating.

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