Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Street Mathematician

 Loud voices rose over the noise of the playground.

“It was your rocket that attacked my drone!”

“It was not!  It can’t go that high!”

“I set my drone for an altitude of 50 feet.  That’s well within the range of your stupid rocket!”

Two boys stood facing each other, fists clenched.  A crowd gathered.

“What’s the matter?” someone asked.

One of the boys pointed an accusing finger at the other.

“This jerk it took out my drone with his rocket.”

“Impossible!” said the boy.  “My rocket can only go thirty six miles per hour.  It reaches maximum height in about two seconds.”

“And how high is that?  That’s the question you can’t answer.”

A police officer arrived and began to disperse the onlookers.

“That’s enough, fellas,” he said.  “Show’s over.  Go home.”

The next morning the playground wall displayed fresh graffiti. 

The street mathematician had been at work.

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