Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Detonation Known

The elements of a functional social compact include effective communication, complex thinking, self-directed learning, collaboration, and community participation. While each one is necessary in order for the society to thrive, I think effective communication is the most important. We need to understand one another.

Effective communicators are able to convey messages in a variety of formats.  They take responsibility for the clarity, purpose, and the meaning of the messages they send.  They also seek to interpret messages they receive objectively and accurately.

They use a “public voice” when communicating within their social group, which means they attend to vocabulary, syntax, grammar, and spelling. 

I find it odd and tragic that, at some time, there arose a need among English speakers to accurately define the act of something exploding with suddenness and violence. They came up with the word detonate.

How very thoughtful of the human race! One does not have to parse together vague phrases to describe what do to with explosive devices. One can be very clear.

“I am going to detonate this bomb!”

I wish we did not know what that means, but, unfortunately, detonate has been effectively communicated.

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