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The Book of Rhino ~ The Revelation

The Book of Rhino ~ The Revelation

“Do I dare disturb the universe?”
T. S. Eliot ~ The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

The Book of Rhino is about five boys—brothers—coming of age in Albion (England) during the Middle Ages. When they reach adulthood, they will rule the different provinces of the kingdom. The plot revolves around the training they undergo to become effective rulers. However, one of the boys, Prince Rhino, does not want to share power with his brothers. He has a plan to eventually rule over them. He decides that he will be such a model of perfection his brothers will love and serve him forever. He thinks it will be easy, but the universe also has a plan.
And then there’s a girl named Amalia.

About the book:
The Book of Rhino is an integration of low-density fantasy and historical fiction. It is similar in setting and time period to The Arthurian Saga by Mary Stewart and The Pendragon Cycle by Stephen R. Lawhead.

The main themes of the book are free will and choice, servant leadership, equity and social justice, brotherhood and friendship.

Its main literary influences are: Phantastes by George MacDonald, The Crystal Cave by Mary Stewart, and The Robot Novels by Isaac Asimov.
Amazon Review:

FOUR STARS TO YOU MRS. HART!!! Although I would consider this book definitely for young adults of which I am not, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is of a period in history I love reading about. You have captured the personality of each character so well, they simply come alive. It is a charming, imaginative, and also funny tale. I am hoping for another book soon, I see the ending is certainty set up for it, keep it going. I have recommended it to a friend who is an avid reader of anything in the line of the unreal world.

About the Author:
S. M. Hart wrote her first story, The Secret Book, when she was a child.  In college, she majored in mathematics with a minor in liberal studies and earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. For over twenty years, she taught at a large urban high school in Fresno, California.  There she used literacy, critical thinking, and empirical investigations to teach a variety of math concepts to teenagers.  The teaching experience showed her the connection between mathematics and imagination, and between the prosaic and the poetical.  It gave her insight into human relationships and social compacts.  It also allowed her to practice the art of storytelling, and it greatly exercised her sense of humor.  Ms. Hart’s debut novel is The Book of Rhino: The Revelation, an integration of low-density fantasy and historical fiction.  Ms. Hart is originally from Durango, Colorado and now lives in Central California with her husband.

“I have woven the thought of things that I love into The Book of Rhino:  family, friends, and fellowship; music, poetry, and truth; justice, equity, and compassion. I sincerely hope to disturb the universe.”
S. M. Hart

The Book of Rhino is available at:
Barnes and Noble www.bit.ly/2rhinos
Fountain Blue Publishing www.fountainbluepublishing.com

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